The University of Michigan Law School’s Hutchins Hall

The Michigan Journal of Law & Society (MJLS) is the nation’s first law-school journal to focus on the intersections of law, history, and the social sciences. MJLS is also the nation’s first law-school journal to incorporate law students, PhD students, and a faculty editorial board into its review and editorial processes

MJLS’ central goal is to imbue legal and legal-adjacent scholarship with the tools of the social sciences and humanities to enrich our understanding of the law and the lawmaking process. 

MJLS combines the best elements of peer-reviewed journals and student-run journals to speed up the process by which cutting-edge scholarship can enter scholarly debates and inform the public consciousness. 

MJLS publishes scholarly articles, comments, essays, and online blog posts. MJLS is soliciting content for our first issue. If you are interested in learning more, please view our inaugural theme and submission guidelines pages.